Pars Djulfa Company

Our Products

Pars Djulfa with more than ten years background in producing telecommunication and power equipment is the first manufacturer in Iran.

Pars Djulfa has begun its work as a consulting associate of Raychem Co. in 1993.

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Pars Djulfa aims the design and production of telecommunication and pwer products in order to be self sufficient in these fields.

In this way, Pars Djulfa built its factory in Qazvin's Albors Industrial City with the capacity of 450000 telecommunication closures per year and various kind of PCM equipment with the capacity of 250000 units per year.

Pars Djulfa has achieved the constant increase in the quality of its products and expasion of its fields. From the year 2000 Pars Djulfa began exporting various kind of its productions.


Head Office:

283, Dastgerdi St., Tehran, Iran.

Tel: +98 21 88674334

Fax: +98 21 88664912

Factory No. 1:

Khajeh Nasir Tousi St., Ghaem Magham Farahani St., Alborz Industrial City, Qazvin, Iran

Telefax: +98 282 2223564, 2223014, 2229696

Factory No. 2:

13, 10th St., Ettehad St., Damavand St., Tehran, Iran

Telefax: +98 21 77791349, 77792377, 77783038, 77783037, 77783036